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Room Block now Available for the November 10-11 Tournamnet

by Cal Stars Sacramento, 2018-10-24T10:51:40.000-07:00October 24 2018, at 10:51 AM PDT

We have a room block available for November 10th for the tournament in Alameda. The hotel is the Executive Inn and Suite Embarcadero. The hotel asked that we use the link below to book our rooms. Rooms have to be booked by October 31st.
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Tryouts are now concluded

2018-08-10 03:39 PDT by Cal Stars Sacramento (0 Comments)

Tryouts for the Fall Session are now concluded. Please check back with us in the spring.


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No recent activity Chalk Talk 9/5
Attached are the notes and a YouTube link to the video segments we used for last Friday's Chalk Talk: Cal Stars 9.29 • (files 557, 558, 563) o Attack the Elbows  Too wide  Shuffle on the jump stop  Attack (head up) • Call “ball” o Who Do You Have?  Communicate • “I have!” • Alone on the block o They were going to score  Box Out • Seal = 75% we secure the rebound • No seal = 50/50 o Work the Middle – Two Guard  Room to work • MJ CAN beat her 1 on 1  Trail slightly around 15 feet (3 body lengths) • Standard court 94’x50’  Be an active target • Recognize the situation o MJ being defended by their best defender  That’s why you scout the games • Talk “Ball” • Jab off your defender • Come to the ball o Press Break Clear – Two Guard  Get into your defender (walk into her) or else it’s a footrace  Trail the ball handler  Watch that ‘over and back”  Be calm and under control • Great press breaks are calm  Make basketball decisions • We trust you to make a read o Not robots o Ball Movement – Attack  Starting too far out • Good defensive teams will do that  Good swing – notice the speed of the passes  Rotation looks good • 1 run through  Marissa attacks the rebound • Great box out on Marissa  Love the scrap for the ball o Effort  Getting back like the game depends on you stopping ball • Fusion 8G (Spring) lost 3 games in a row by a single point (Notes 5.28) o Screen  Variation off our base play (Fresno) • If you think it needs a tweek  Hand up, quick, jump stop • Responsibility is on the ball handler o Sideline Stack  Perfect for Marissa running with her left hand out • Recognize who our speedster is  Make a read  Back to the inbounder • Stay backcourt for space o Effort  Rate the girls o Press Break  Miah is so fast she beats two girls to the spot • Most girls are going to have to lean in  Attack – retreat – pass back looks good  Banana cut a little wider  Where do our other two girls need to be?  Wider? • Spread the floor o NOTICE IT! o We are a team who works in space  Not size and power o Come to the Ball  One or two steps would be • Extra possession, extra shot o Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter  Happy ending – Missile shot & quick outlet o Shooter  Run with your hands up – Be a target • Call Ball  Shooter • Goes to space • Hands up Calls ball o One Shot  Box out  Rebound • Clear and make a read • Outlet to the guard o Guards come back if needed o Tired Offense 1  About to sub players in  Not setting up or going to space • Go wide  Throwing the ball all over o Tired Offense 2  Looks go through the press break  Must discipline ourselves to run to our spots  Sidelines are not our friends  Four girls in one corner of the court  Make sharp passes  Here come the subs • (Files 564) o Defensive Effort  Take space, disrupt, drop your hips, hands out, head on a swivel, fly around, never give up, boxing out o Run the Floor  Run wide and run fast • Draw defenders out of the key  hands up and call ball if you’re open o Off the Ball  Cut with your hands up and call ball  Pop out to the 2  Hands up 4  Follow the ball o Defensive Set Up  Run back 75% or faster  Chops her steps on her close  Where are we on the skip pass • When a team hits 3s, that changes are range o Can’t just pack it in • Walk into an offensive rebound o Box Out  Control your space  Where do rebounds go? • Weak side • Long shots make long rebounds • You want the blocks o Outlet Pass  Find your guards  Guards call for the ball  Rainbow passes are the most likely to be turned over o Box Out  Root out  Wrap inside position  Drop Your Hips • She was looking (good first step)  Littlest girl can create space if she gets low enough o Screen  Signal (hand up) • Avoid getting a ball in your mouth  Jump stop  Let the ball handler finish the move  Roll to the hoop o Passion  Pre-shot ritual  Bugged at the miss  Team picks her up  Concentration – fire o Scoring Options  Pass Ahead  Balanced spacing  Multiple Options • Quick shot • Better shot on the floater o Hands up – Call Ball  Get Greedy o Sideline Stack  Tight wrap • Throw it, especially to Marissa’s left hand o Head Up  Break out wide • Fast, hands up o Roll Off the Screen  Hands up • Rolling down the lane o Block  Toughness • Not giving up
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